Southeast Chapter

Our NPSNJ chapter welcomes native plant enthusiasts in Atlantic County and Cape May County as well as anyone from areas west or north who would like to join us.

We hold eight evening meetings a year on the 3rd Monday of the month (Sept., Oct., Nov., Feb., March, April, May, and June).

We held our first meeting in September 2013 and over the years have featured presentations on a wide variety of topics — including native plant propagation, rare plants of the Pine Barrens, shade gardening with natives, landscaping for butterflies, the secret world of pollinators, building no-fuss wildlife ponds, the ferns of NJ, plant conservation in a changing climate, and many others.

Our meetings generally begin with an update of upcoming events and current issues, move to a presentation by our evening’s speaker, and end with a Q&A and open discussion. Our group is friendly and curious and contains a wide range of ages and backgrounds — from beginning naturalists and gardeners to those with many years of experience. Come once and you may find yourself hooked and making new, like-minded friends. Our meetings are open to anyone interested. You need not be a NPSNJ member to come, although we encourage everyone interested to join.

We are delighted that Stockton University’s Sustainability Program – specifically the Campus Farm Native Plant Project – is sponsoring us and making it possible for us to have meetings in an easily-accessible location, and a comfortable setting with the necessary “smart room” equipment.

As of November, 2022, after two years of Zoom meetings (made necessary by the pandemic), we are pleased to be able to return to in-person gatherings at Stockton. We plan to mix in occasional meetings on Zoom in the future and we will also continue to offer outdoor field trips to local botanical hotspots and model gardens. Watch the Events page on the NPSNJ website for information.

You can also sign up for our chapter’s Constant Contact mailings by going to this and clicking on Southeast Chapter under the “Subscribe to the NPSNJ Email Lists.” Or, better yet become a member by signing up on our membership form. (click that same Southeast Chapter box on that page).

Questions for us? Email us at:

Jesse Connor
Jack Connor
Barbara Fiedler
Steve Fiedler

Southeast Chapter Events

Upcoming Events

Jesse & Jack’s wonderful native plant garden is featured in the four videos you can find here: native woodland garden.

  • Four Native Viburnums for the Home Garden
  • Three Native Groundcovers
  • Two diminutive ground covers
  • Woodland Poppy & Lyre-leafed Sage