The Native Plant Society of New Jersey is a statewide non-profit organization dedicated to the appreciation, protection, and study of the native flora of New Jersey. Founded in 1985, we have over a thousand members across the state, and are organized into county and regional chapters. Our members include gardeners, horticulturists, naturalists, landscape designers, students, and native plant enthusiasts from all walks of life.

Our mission is to promote the appreciation, protection and study of New Jersey’s Native Flora.    

2023 Native Plant of the Year
Category: Backyard Perennial

Pycnanthemum muticum
Clustered Mountainmint
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2023 Native Plant of the Year
Category: Rare and Special

Claytonia virginica var hammondiae
Hammond’s Spring Beauty
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  • NPSNJ 40th Anniversary Pins at Great Swamp, 9 September

    The NPSNJ has just received pins celebrating our 40th anniversary. You can get these at the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge in Harding Township, New Jersey. We encourage all of our members to explore the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge in Harding Township, New Jersey! The NPSNJ day at the Great Swamp will be held…

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  • Membership News!

    Our new membership system is now in place and you may once again get memberships at If you are a member and didn’t get an email from us, write .

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  • 2023 Annual Meeting Video Now Available

    You can now purchase a link and password to a professionally-edited video of 2023 annual conference at this link. The link and password will be displayed on your browser and sent to you via email in your receipt.

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  • Volunteers Needed St. Joseph’s Healing Garden, Jersey City

    Native Plant Society of NJ Hudson County Chapter is asking for volunteers to help us build the pollinator garden at the St. Joseph’s Peace Care Healing Garden at the corner of Magnolia Ave and Baldwin Ave in Jersey City.  We are looking to create a neighborhood task force of caring gardeners who can help us…

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    Update: this bill passed the Assembly on a vote of (74-0-0). Right now, the best thing to do would be to write your State Senator and ask to have the bill brought to the floor and voted on.

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  • NPSNJ Supports the Bipartisan Recovering America’s Wildlife Act (US Senate 1149)

    The bipartisan Recovering America’s Wildlife Act (S.1149) is before Congress again. In 2022, it passed the House 231-190, but didn’t make it through the Senate due to disagreements about funding. As a rare bill with bipartisan support, it has a real possibility of passing both houses this year, but we need your help to ensure…

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Monkeyflower – New page

Mimulus ringens – Allegheny monkeyflower

These can be seen in wet partially open areas with flowers peaking in August so there may still be some out there now.

In NJ, there are two species of monkeyflower, this one, Allegheny monkeyflower which is more common, and winged monkeyflower M.ringens vs M. alatus.

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The flowers look the same but they can easily be separated by the lengths of their flower and leaf stalks. 

Read about Allegheny Monkeyflower here

Milkweeds – New page

Asclepias viridiflora  – Green Comet  Milkweed

Unusual and not showy but has its place in the ecosystem. There are 12 milkweeds native to NJ, of them 7 are on NJ’s list of endangered plants, 2022. Green Milkweed is S2 (Imperiled).

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Milkweeds – Milkweeds

Asclepias syriaca Common Milkweed

The milkweeds are known for their importance to Monarch butterflies. The flowers provide nectar and the leaves are food for the caterpillar stage. The milkweed flowers are specialized to be pollinated by bees.

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Milkweeds – Milkweeds

Asclepias purpurascens – Purple Milkweed

These very showy flowers are distinctively a deep purple/red magenta color making it easy to spot. In NJ it is S3 (Vulnerable) 2022.

Read about this plant: Click here .

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Penstemon digitalis - Foxglove beardtongue