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Summer 2023

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The President’s Corner by Randi Eckel
Membership Update 2023 by Kazys Varnelis
State of the Chapters by Elaine Silverstein
Monmouth Chapter Celebrates First Successful Year by Ann Sherwood
New Mercer Chapter is in Full Bloom by Stephanie Hill
Southwest Chapter Happenings by Tara Sullivan
NPSNJ-June 25, 2023 Trip to Wells Mills County Park by Becky LaBoy
Sussex Chapter’s Lusscroft Farm Garden Project
Essex Chapter
Virginia Sweetsprie by John Suskewich
IGC Committee by Kim Rowe
Eastern White Pine by John Suskewich
NPSNJ Advocacy Committee Update on Invasives Bill by Laura Bush
Beech Leaf Disease is spreading in NJ by Kazys Varnelis
Nature Poetry Workshop Offered by NPSNJ by Kim Correro

Spring 2023

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The President’s Corner by Randi Eckel
Bob Swain, Treasurer, Past President, and Member since 1983 by Bobbie Herbs
NPSNJ Trivia Page by Bobbie Herbs
NPSNJ Presidential Trivia Page by Bobbie Herbs
NJ Native Trees: River Birch, Betula nigra by John Suskewich
NPSNJ Botanical Drawing Class by Mary Bilderback

Fall 2022

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The President’s Corner by Randi Eckel
Rhodendron Maximum by Kazys Varnelis
Saturday Morning Poetry with Ann Wallace
Florid Folklore is Gold by Hara Rola
The New NPSNJ Web Site by Kazys Varnelis
Partridge Pea by John Suskewich
Plant Electric by Hara Rola

Summer 2022

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The President’s Corner by Randi Eckel
Spreading the Word Beyond the Choir by Deb Ellis
Joe Pye Sky High by Lorraine Freeney
News from Hudson County Chapter by Kim Correro
Phillips 66 Mini-Grant, New York-New Jersey Trail Conference, Native Plant Habitat Gardens, 600 Ramapo Valley Rd, Mahwah by
Linda Roehler
Narthecium ossifragum, Bog Asphodel, NPSNJ Rare or Endangered Plant of the Year by John Suskewich
Amelanchier arborea, Downy Serviceberry, NPSNJ Backyard Perennial Plant of the Year by John Suskewich
Advocacy Notes by Kazys Varnelis
Wild Suburbia by Hara Rosa

November 2021

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The President’s Corner by Hubert Ling
Biodiversity Is What it’s All About by Steve Fiedler
Self-Nurture through Nature by Hara Rola
A Case Study of Narrowleaf Ironweed (Vernonia lettermannii) ‘Southern Cross’ by Jane Kinkle
Pine Barrens Gentian (Gentiana autumnalis) by Bobbie Herbs
Phillips 66 Mini-Grant, Borough of Island Heights, Environmental Committee and Green Team by Mary Judge
Phillips 66 Mini-Grant, Whittemore, Community Culture and Conservation by Dawn Pogosaew
Phillips 66 Mini-Grant, Native Plant Garden at the Somerset County Historical Societies’ Van Veghten House by Olinda Young
Wreath Goldenrod, Solidago caesia, by John Suskewich
Pollinator City by Hara Rola

February 2021

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The President’s Corner by Hubert Ling
Former Inhabitants; and Winter Visitors by John Suskewich
An Unlikely Ally by Hara Rola
Still Green in Winter …well, until last week’s snowfall by Jane Kinkle
Gardens and the Larger World by Jay Katz
Which Tree Is The Most Important Tree In New Jersey? by Hubert Ling
Gauntlet by Hara Rola

August 2020

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The President’s Corner by Hubert Ling
In Memoriam: John Makoto Black
Backyard Wilderness by Hara Rola
Planting a Tree to Save the Planet? Try American Sweetgum Liquidambar styraciflua by Marilyn Fishman
Creating a Meadow by Susan Haake
Meet the Potential Tree…maybe. Great Blue Lobelia Lobelia siphilitica by Hubert Ling
Exploring the Pine Barrens, South Jersey’s Natural Treasure by Becky Laboy
Cardinalflower and Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds. A Perfect Partnership by Mary Anne Borge

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