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Bergamot, Wild:Click Here What native plant is used for butterfly kisses and for tea? Wild Bergamot, Monarda fistulosa

Goldenrod, Wreath:Click Here All goldenrods have their virtues, but for many gardeners wreath goldenrod takes the gold. 

Meadow Rue, Tall: Light An’ Fluffy Tall meadow rue Thalictrum pubescens can get tall if given the right conditions which are moist soil, full sun, and slightly acid rich soil. 

Milkweed, Swamp: Swamp Milkweed  Would you like to save the world or at least a part of it?

Myxomycetes: Overlooked Native Plants  The Myxomycetes or acellular slime molds can only be considered to be plants if one uses a very inclusive definition. 

Native Gardens: Creating a Native Garden in the Home Landscape  In recent years there has been a positive trend towards using native plants in home landscape design. 

Native Gardens: The Case for Native Plants 

Seeds: Collecting Native Plant Seeds  When it comes to collecting wildflower seeds, timing is everything. 

Trillium, White: Trillium grandiflorum  There are hundreds of trillium species around the world. NJ has 4 native species. 

Violet: 2018 Plant of the Year: Viola sororia  The diminutive flowers of this lovely wildflower can be found everywhere in New Jersey, and well beyond.