The chapters of the Native Plant Society of New Jersey are vital local extensions of the organization, each dedicated to the promotion and conservation of the state’s native flora.

Spread across New Jersey, these chapters serve as hubs for education, community engagement, and environmental stewardship while also serving as a great way for members to meet other native plant enthusiasts.

When you join the NPSNJ, you do not join a specific chapter, but rather you join the statewide organization, so you are welcome to join more than one. If you have questions about which chapter to belong to, contact the Vice President for Chapters, Elaine Silverstein, at .

Typical activities of the chapters include:

Educational Meetings: Regular meetings featuring lectures, presentations, and discussions on topics related to native plants and ecosystems.

Field Trips and Nature Walks: Organized outings to natural areas, providing members with opportunities to learn about native plants in their natural habitats.

Plant and Seed Sales and Exchanges: Events focused on the distribution and exchange of native plants and seeds, promoting their use in local gardens and landscapes.

Conservation Efforts: Participation in projects aimed at habitat restoration, invasive species removal, and other ecological preservation activities.

Community Outreach and Education: Engaging with local schools, community groups, and the public to spread awareness about the importance of native plants.

Resource Sharing: Providing educational materials, expert knowledge, and advice on native plant cultivation and care.

Each chapter reflects the unique ecological characteristics and needs of its local area while sharing the overarching goal of the Native Plant Society of New Jersey to protect and celebrate the state’s natural plant heritage.