Morris County

The newly formed Morris County chapter of the Native Plant Society of New Jersey celebrates the rich botanical heritage of the region, rooted in its diverse geology ranging from fertile valleys to rugged highlands, with elevations ranging from 175 feet above sea level in the southeastern part to over 1,200 feet in the northern regions. The flora of the region is as diverse as its geology, with habitats ranging from the freshwater marshes of Troy Meadows to the 35,000-acre Great Swamp watershed that stretches across parts of the county. This chapter seeks to foster a deeper appreciation and understanding of the native plants that have flourished across the county’s historic towns, each with a unique narrative entwined with the natural landscape. Through educational programs, field trips, and community engagement, the Morris County chapter aims to ignite a passion for native plants, ensuring their preservation amidst the modern-day environmental challenges.

Please contact us at if you need to reach out.

Instagram: @npsnj_morris

Chapter Leaders: Megan Stypulkoski, Brianna O, Amy DiPalma

Upcoming Events:

Monday, April 22 – “How to Plant a Native Garden” held at the Boonton Holmes Public Library. Each participant will receive a native plant plug. Registration will open in February.