Native Plants

Extensive lists of native plants from United States Department of Agriculture, broken down by county, lists of native trees, vascular plants, Going Native Guides for Northern New Jersey and the Barnegat Bay Watershed, and more.

To help our members find the best sources of native plants in your area, we’ve compiled this list of the latest available information on nurseries carrying native plant stock.

The NPSNJ developed a Rain Garden Manual with the help of the Rutgers Cooperative Extension Water Resources Program. Rain gardens are an easy way for everyone in New Jersey to help protect our State’s precious water resources and add to the health and diversity of our native habitats and landscapes. 

In 2020 COVID-19 prevented us from meeting in person so we initiated a series of Webinars. We no have a large library of videos, listed below. You can also follow our YouTube channel here.

This is a great website about native plants with lots of information and beautiful photographs by our own Millie and Hubert Ling.

A list of sites compiled by NPSNJ chapters and board members. It will give you a start in exploring our state to see what native plants look like in the wild.

Although they aren’t native plants, invasive plants and insects threaten plants in your yard and in the wild.

The NPSNJ has had a web presence for years and we are still in the process of migrating information from the old site to the new. This is a landing page for information from the old site.

A variety of links to resources about native plants in New Jersey, a list of gardens and arboreta, information on the pine barrens, blogs, as well as podcasts and vlogs.