9. Poet Adrie Rose and Land Stewards John & Susan Landau

February 13, 2024

In this episode, poet and herbalist Adrie Rose speaks with Ann Wallace (02:22) about her new chapbook Rupture, published last month by Gold Line Press. They discuss the pain Adrie experienced following a life-threatening ruptured ectopic pregnancy, along with other losses, and how poetry, nature, and native plants together allow space for the cycles of grief and healing.

Dr. Randi Eckel (34:51) provides information on the upcoming Spring Annual Meeting & Conference on March 2nd and answers Cara’s question about ways to use the overabundance of fallen leaves in her garden for a new installment of Ask Randi. 

Co-host Kim Correro—master gardener and director of state programs for the Native Plant Society of NJ—speaks with Michele Bakacs (43:40) on her work as a Rutgers Environmental Stewards Program (RES) coordinator. Michele reminds us to pay attention to our language and be culturally sensitive when discussing the invasive species mentioned in this episode. 

To close, John and Susan Landau (52:57), members of the Friends of Foote’s Pond Wood in Morristown, NJ, talk with Ann and Kim about the vital role of land stewards. They describe how restoring the natural ecosystems of Foote’s Pond Wood is only possible with the hard work and commitment of a wonderful volunteer community and guidance from Rutgers experts Jean Epiphan, with a special shout out to Michele Bakacs and Amy Rowe.