5. Migration with Poet Susan Glass and Don Torino, President of Bergen County Audubon Society

Poet Susan Glass, who has been blind since birth, speaks with Ann Wallace about the integral role birds have played in her life—and in her poetry—as she uses their songs and calls to locate herself, spatially and metaphorically, in the natural world. She also brings listeners into the creative process of completing her chapbook The Wild Language of Deer, published in 2022 by Slate Roof Press. It is a collection filled with delight, birdsong, and wonder. 

Dr. Randi Eckel announces what members can expect from this year’s NPSNJ Fall Conference, Hidden In Plain Sight: The Outstanding Natural Diversity of New Jersey on Saturday, November 4th, and answers a question from Cheryl about additional native plants she can add to her garden to support birds and pollinators.  

Co-host Kim Correro joins Ann in conversation with Don Torino of the Bergen County Audubon Society and author of Life in the Meadowlands. Don, who has spent a lifetime exploring New Jersey’s Meadowlands, shares his deep knowledge of the habitat’s birds, and the plants they depend on, and he reminds us of the steps we can take to protect the birds in our communities.