Learn about Beech Leaf Disease with Ecologist Jean Epiphan

Jean Epiphan, Agriculture & Natural Resource Agent (Assistant Professor) of Rutgers Cooperative Extension in Morris County spoke to the Somerset County Chapter about Beech Leaf Disease which is ravaging New Jersey’s beech population. This talk covers the ecology of beech, their importance in our state, and what attributes and ecological services are under threat. The basic pathogenesis will be reviewed. Then the talk focuses on steps land managers and homeowners can make to mitigate negative impacts of BLD including treatment options, cultural practices to reduce stress in beech trees, and vital steps to prepare for losses of beech canopy such as mass underplanting of indigenous tree cohorts, and management for their success. 

She is a Licensed Tree Expert LTE#692 and Certified Arborist ISA NJ-1247A. Ms. Epiphan has her BS in Forestry and MS in Ecology. She has many years of practical experience working in developed and ornamental landscapes and strives to design and manage them to improve environmental sustainability as well as ecological function.