Unique Plants and Wildflowers of Barrens and Bogs

by Becky Laboy

Originally presented on January 12, 2022

The New Jersey Pine Barrens is a unique ecosystem that supports a diversity of plant life. Harsh and contrasting conditions, including dry sandy plains and saturated anaerobic bogs, offer challenges to plants that require specific adaptations for survival. Nature has responded with an array of beautiful and “clever” wildflowers, many rare, and some found in few other places on earth Join Becky Laboy, co-leader of the Jersey Shore Chapter, and explore New Jersey’s International Biosphere Reserve.  

Becky Laboy

Becky Laboy is the Education Outreach Specialist at the Ocean County Soil Conservation District and volunteers her time as co-leader for the Jersey Shore Chapter of the Native Plant Society of New Jersey 

Becky Laboy holds an MA in Education, a BS in Biology, and has over 20 years of experience as an Educator. In addition to her Soil Conservation position, Becky is an adjunct professor for Kean University, as well as the Instructor for the Barnegat Bay Master Naturalist course. She also leads birding and plant tours for Wells Mills County Park in Ocean County, NJ. She is co-author of “The Kid’s Guide to Exploring Nature”, published by Brooklyn Botanic Garden. When not teaching about soil conservation, botanizing, or leading people on outdoor adventures, Becky can usually be found behind a pair of binoculars as an avid and devoted birder. She enjoys landscaping her own yard to attract and support birds, and strives to inspire others to make small but positive changes in home landscaping practices that benefit both wildlife and humans.