Native Plants For Moths

by Rachel Mackow
co-owner/operator of Wild Ridge Plants

Originally presented on June 16, 2021

Rachel Mackow

Let’s explore native plants from a moth’s view. We’ll cover native host plants for moths – including familiar species like the Luna and Io moth. Find out what native blossom feed daytime-flying moths like the Hummingbird Clearwing. The larval (caterpillar) stage of many of our showy moth species rely on familiar, easy-to-grow wildflowers, trees, and shrubs. We’ll also talk about distinguishing featuresbetween butterflies and moths. And, how to use caterpillars to help you identify native plants!  

Rachel Mackow is co-owner/operator of Wild Ridge Plants, a native plant nursery in Pohatcong Township, New Jersey. She is dedicated to the restoration of native plant communities that sustain both people and wildlife. She is a member of the New Jersey Invasive Species Strike Team’s Technical Advisory Committee. Rachel is also a photographer, writer, and musician. Her photographic work has been published and exhibited internationally.