A New Web Server

Six months after we built a new web site, we are also moving to a new web server (Kinsta.com), which is faster, more secure, and more robust. The Native Plant Society of New Jersey has experienced exponential growth during the last half decade and this is a key step toward planning for more growth. You may experience some glitches before things settle down, but we will get them taken care of.

Native Plants Healthy Planet Podcast with NPSNJ President Dr. Randi Eckel

Dr. Randi Eckel spoke on the Native Plants Healthy Planet Podcast with hosts Fran Chismar and Tom Knezick in a broadcast recorded live, hosted by the Hudson County Chapter at The Nature’s Park Café in James Braddock Park, Jersey City. Dr. Eckel spoke about her journey through ecology, the role of the Native Plant Society in New Jersey in our state and even outlined some of her favorite native plants. You can listen to this podcast at Podbean, Apple Podcasts, or Stitcher.


The Native Plant Society was founded in 1983 with the stated purpose ‘to inform and educate the citizens of New Jersey regarding the fragility of the local native flora and … Read more