Pandora Young : Home Landscapes for Our Changing Future

Originally presented on September 21, 2022

Pandora will discuss strategies for thinking about and responding to the complexities of environmental change in our home gardens. Pandora presents a proactive approach toward making our home landscapes part of a larger solution that improves outcomes for the plant, animal, and fungal life that are all impacted by environmental change. The talk will cover specific methods of designing a landscape, selecting plant species, and building ecological resilience, including simple methods of improving soils, reducing erosion, and increasing biodiversity, all with a goal of maximizing ecological function.

Pandora Young

Pandora Young Bio:

Pandora Young is a Senior Land Stewardship and Ecology Technician who has worked at Longwood Gardens since 2005, including 18 years as the horticulturalist for Peirce’s Woods, a 7-acre display garden area showcasing plants native to Eastern North America. They received a B.A. in Japanese studies, with a minor in Biology from Earlham College, IN. Over the years, Pandora has taught many classes and led tours with a focus on native and edible plants. Pandora is passionate about connecting people with plants and fostering healthy more resilient ecosystems.