Mt. Tammany Trail, Delaware Water Gap, Warren County

April 20 2012:  We went with our family to this very popular hiking place but we always keep an eye out for native plants as we enjoy the outdoors. It was a beautiful day. We headed up the red dot trail from the Dunnfield Creek parking lot

Below is a list of some of the flowers we saw.

Trailing Arbutus
Moss Phlox

These trailing arbutus (Epigaea repens) flowers 
were a bit past prime. They generally bloom earlier 

The moss phlox (Phlox subulata
was a first for us. 


We came across a large population of wild columbine (Aquilegia canadensis) on the rocky ledge (in the photo) and in the woods overlooking the ledge.

At this point we decided to 
retrace our steps down since our 
granddaughter had enough! 

In the table below I have included links to our photo gallery for the specific plants . See our Spring Photo Gallery for more photos and information.

We saw the three lobed violet and after much checking the leaves, we were not able to distinguish between the two species. On the internet there seems to be some confusion between triloba and palmata. Any help here would be appreciated.

scientific namecommon namelinks to photo pages in spring gallery
Epigaea repensTrailing Arbutus 
Thalictrum thalictroidesRue AnemoneRue Anemone
Houstonia caeruleaBluetsBluets
Aquilegia canadensisColumbineWild Columbine
Phlox subulataMoss PhloxMoss Phlox
Viburnum prunifoliumBlackhaw ViburnumBlackhaw Viburnum
Geranium maculatumWild Geranium 
Viola triloba/palmataThree-Lobed Violet 

Here is a list from Torrey Botanical Society trip logs:   plant list from NY-NJ-CT Botany website for Mt. Tammany   

Hope you will go there and enjoy the native plants.

H. & M. Ling