Native Plants for the Small Yard

by Kate Brandes

Originally presented April 27, 2022

Native plants are most often viewed by the public in ‘wild’ spaces such as meadows or as highly managed landscapes in large botanical gardens. There are few examples or resources on how to incorporate native plants into the landscape for residents with small yards in a way that fits the tidy yard look that many people are comfortable with and can afford. This presentation includes resources for residents developed over a five-year program that make it easier for residents to include natives in their home landscapes. Kate will present an array of simple landscape design templates as well as resources on common weeds and invasive plants that residents may encounter in the home garden. 

Kate Brandes lives in the small river town of Riegelsville, Pennsylvania, with her husband and two sons. She’s a creative writer and artist interested in sense of place. Kate has also worked as a geologist and environmental scientist for more than twenty years. She currently teaches geology and a course on Landscape, Culture, and Story of Place at Moravian University. She also co-directs the Moravian Writers’ Conference.

Here is a list of books introducing children, teens, and adults to the wonderful world of plants. Click Here

It starts off with an introduction to the NPSNJ and then proceeds to the presentation.