Bring on the Bugs! The Importance of Native Plants

& How to get your Neighbors Onboard

by Tom Knezick & Fran Chismar
Pinelands Nursery in Columbus, NJ

Originally presented on September 22, 2021

The conventional American landscape is almost devoid of native plants, with lots of land no longer performing its ecological function. Some folks have embraced using native plants at home but without the help of our neighbors our insects, wildlife, water, and plants are in trouble. What can we do to get more people on board? Fran and Tom have some tips to help get your neighbors on the native plant bandwagon.  

Meet Tom Knezick. Tom is naturally inquisitive but his role as a production analyst requires him to pull things apart and figure out how and why they work. Coupling this with growing up on a native plant nursery and his love of podcasts is what makes Tom a natural host for Native Plants, Healthy Planet. Tom is currently Production Analyst at Pinelands Nursery in Columbus, NJ. 

Meet Fran Chismar. Fran likes to talk – and with over 30 years of nursery industry experience, Fran has a lot to talk about. He insists he is not an expert on anything but knows just enough about everything to be dangerous. Fran brings his experience with music podcasting, and joins it with his industry knowledge in restoration and native plants, to help guide you through Native Plants, Healthy Planet. Fran is currently the Sultan of Sales at Pinelands Nursery in Columbus, NJ.