Plant Profiles

Bluet: Houstonia caerulea  Small pale blue low growing flowers blooming in the spring.

Bog Asphodel: Narthecium americanum  This pinebaren plant with yellow flowers in a vertical cluster is endangered both in NJ and globally.

Broom Crowberry: Corema conradii  This rare pinebaren low growing bush has tiny inconspicuous separate male and female flowers.

Geranium, Wild: Geranium maculatum  The flowers are lavender-pink and about 1 to 1.5 inches wide. The 5 petals have radiating streaks which guide insects to the nectar.

Oak, Black: Quercus velutina  A Close up look at a black oak leaf to see the stellate hairs. The species ‘velutina’ means velvety- soft hairs.

Spicebush: Lindera benzoin  Spicebush is a native deciduous shrub that is about 5-15 ft. tall. The plant blooms in early spring before the leaves emerge.

Turkeybeard: Xerophyllum asphodeloides   You can’t miss it when it is flowering. It has a showy white cluster of flowers on top of a single tall stalk. In New Jersey it is found in the Pine Barren