Fireman’s Pond Walk-About

Fireman's Pond 10 Mill Street, Port Republic, NJ, United States

We will begin our Southeast Chapter's 9th year with a visit to a little-known botanical treasure-spot in Atlantic County.  Fireman's Pond stands near the Nacote Creek spillway and Mill Pond in Port Republic and hosts a delightful mix of specialized plants, including horned bladderwort, wild rice, seven-angled pipewort, and others.  It is easily accessible -- you can park ... Read more

From Sassafras To Salicornia

Glenn by the Bay 636 S New York Rd, Absecon, New Jersey, United States

We will begin at the parking lot behind Veterans’ Memorial Park in Galloway and walk along a wide forested trail as the habitats change remarkably quickly – from sassafras, oaks, and persimmon past sweetbay magnolia and tupelo to the beautiful salt marsh of Reed’s Bay in only a quarter mile. We will be identifying the most ... Read more

Southeast Chapter November Meeting

Stockton University 101 Vera King Farris Dr, Galloway, New Jersey, United States

At our November meeting our chapter will be gathering as a group indoors for the first time since March of 2020, when the pandemic forced us to meet only in webinar mode or outdoors on field trips and garden walks. It will be a delight to gather together again inside. (We will follow Stockton’s current policy: ... Read more

An Insect Town Hall: Debunking bug myths and misinformation to encourage a rational approach to the insects in our yards

Unified Science Building Unified Science Building, Stockton University, Pomona, New Jersey, United States

Parking Tip: See the campus map below. The closest parking spots are in Lots #4 and #5, which share the same entry off Vera King Farris Drive, the main drive on campus. Parking Lot #5 is made easy to spot by the mural of two ospreys on the Sports Center wall. Stockton Campus Parking

Pat Sutton, “Leave The Leaves & Dive Into Shade Gardening Instead.”

Stockton University 101 Vera King Farris Drive, Galloway, NJ, United States

Do you work hard each autumn to rake up your leaves and take them away? Pat will open your eyes to a world of life hidden in those fallen leaves – a resource many gardeners undervalue. She will reveal the secret lives of butterflies and moths, bumblebees and other beneficial pollinators, as well as fireflies and salamanders, ... Read more