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Members-only Botanical Drawing Class with Katy Lyness (SOLD OUT)

February 4, 2023 @ 1:00 pm 4:00 pm

flower by Katy Lyness
Strawberries by Katy Lyness
sunflower by Katy Lyness
Vegetables for soup by Katy Lyness
crabapple by Katy Lyness

This is a program for NPSNJ members only. All registrants must be current members of the NPSNJ before the course in order to receive the zoom link and their packet.

*** SOLD OUT ***

There are four classes: February 4, 11, 18, and 25, 1-4pm

Drawing compels us to take the time to truly observe nature. This basic class in botanical illustration techniques will help you make realistic drawings of roots, branches, leaves, and flowers. Time-honored techniques in the use of graphite and colored pencil will be taught using demonstration and hands-on practice.

Katy Lyness is a passionate home gardener whose interests brought her to New York Botanical Garden’s
Botanical Art and Illustration Program. She has been represented in the American Society of Botanical Artists Annual International Exhibition and is active in the Tri-State Botanical Artist Group.
She has an MA in Art Education from Columbia University, Teacher’s College.

Class One

Learn who we are, why we draw the natural world

Drawing materials
Learn about the tools used in botanical art

Basic drawing techniques
Learn to draw what you see (garlic or ginger)

  • Contour drawing
  • Gesture drawing
  • Measuring for scale
  • Negative shapes
  • Constructing from shapes

Class Two

Measuring for Angle and Proportion
Learn correct techniques of measuring for angle and proportion.

Tonal Gradation
Learn to create a smooth gradation of tone using graphite on paper

Learn to see degrees of darkness on a value scale

Gradient Scale
Learn to create a value step scale using graphite and pen

Light on Form
Learn how light defines form and how to represent it on paper with graphite, colored pencil, and pen

  • Drawing a sphere (cherry tomato)
  • Drawing a cylinder (twig)

Class Three

Colored Pencil
Learn colored pencil tools and techniques

  • Qualities to look for in pencils
  • Other tools (erasers, embossers, etc.)
  • Color charts
  • Drawing techniques

Color Theory
Learn basic color theory

  • Hue
  • Value
  • Saturation

Color wheels

  • Primary colors
  • Secondary colors
  • Complementary colors

Drawing with Colored Pencils
Draw a cherry tomato using colored pencils

Basic leaf structure
Learn the morphology of the leaf in order to improve one’s observational skills when drawing the natural world.

Draw a leaf using colored pencils

Class Four

Flower Structure
Learn basic flower morphology in order to improve one’s observational skills when drawing the natural world.

Learn the technique of foreshortening to better draw three- dimensional botanical subjects on a two-dimensional surface.

Draw a flower using foreshortening techniques

Learn techniques for creating a sketchbook

  • How to put together a nature journal kit
  • How to think like a scientist
  • How to make an interesting page