Below are listed the names, roles, and contact information for board members, key contributors, and chapter leaders for the Native Plant Society of New Jersey. Contact president - email: to find out more about volunteering for an open position.

Executive Committee

President: Hubert Ling

Vice President: Membership Manager :
Michael Jacob

Vice President: Chapter Liaison: Randi Eckel

Secretary: Rusty Bell

Treasurer: Bob Swain

Board of Advisors

Webmaster: Millie Ling, Mike Jacob

Horticulturist: Jay Kratz & Hubert Ling

Highlands Liaison: Sylvia Kovacs

Partnerships for NJ Plant Conservation Liaison: Vacant

Pinelands Liaison: Vacant

Entomology: Randi Eckel

Chapter Leaders

Bergen Passaic Chapter
Leader: Tom Bender, Elaine Silverstein, and Diane L VanKempen

Delaware Bayshores Chapter
Co-leaders: Julie Akers, Karla Rossini, Joe Alvarez

Essex County Chapter
Co-Leaders: Deb Ellis and Alice van Straalen

Highland Park Chapter
Leader: Mary Denver and Belinda Beetham

Hunterdon Chapter
Leaders: Susan Haake, Dawn Pogosaew

Jersey Shore Chapter
Leaders: Karen Walzer, Pam Almeida, Becky Laboy, and Becky Hope Polenberg

Monmouth Chapter
Leader: Jordan Holaday

North Chapter
Leader: ---

Rancocas Nature Center Chapter
Leader: Michael Jacob

Southeast Chapter
Leaders: Jesse Connor, Jack Connor, Barbara Fiedler, and Steve Fiedler

Sussex Chapter
Leader: Cynthia Rauth & April Fisher

West Central Jersey Chapter
Leader: ---