• Starburst from ice on pinxter
      Starburst from ice on a pinxter azaela branch
  • Red Maple tree top sparkles with ice in the sun
      Red maple tree top sparkles with ice in the sun
  • Bare trees
       Bare trees against a winter sky
  • Holly Berries
       The holly berries remained on the tree until early Feb. when a bunch of robins came and finished them all in a few days
  • Mountain Laurel
      Mountain Laurel - Kalmia latifolia - Leaves encased in ice
  • White Pine
      Signature of winter: snow
  • More snow
      More snow
  • Dogwood
      Flowering Dogwood - Cornus florida - Glistening flower buds encased in ice
  • Dogwood
      Flowering Dogwood - Cornus florida - Frozen drops of water
  • Virginia Anemone
      Virginia Anemone - Anemone virginiana - Snow resting atop of fruit head
  • Mountain Laurel
      Mountain Laurel - Kalmia latifolia - More ice
  • Aster
      Snow settled atop an aster fruit head
  • White Pine
      White Pine - Pinus strobus - Frozen water drops
  • Sweet Pepperbush
      Sweet Pepperbush - Clethra alnifolia - Snow ladened sweet pepperbush
  • White Pine
      White Pine - Pinus strobus - Beads of frozen water drops
  • Skunk Cabbage
      Skunk Cabbage - Symplocarpus foetidus - When you see skunk cabbage flowers, spring is coming soon

Come Join Us

Native Plant Society of New Jersey Annual Meeting
Saturday, March 3, 2018

We thank the wonderful folks at Medford Leas for allowing us to have our meeting at their facility:

Medford Leas          One Medford Leas Way, Medford, NJ 08055

Home of: Barton Arboretum

Members who are current in their dues will receive a discounted admission price and will have first chance at registration. So, if you haven't paid your 2018 dues yet, now is a good time to go to our website: The Native Plant Society of NJ and click Become a Member to renew or join for the first time.  


Details & Registration

NEW - - - - NPSNJ 2018 PLANT OF THE YEAR - - - - NEW

At our annual meeting, come vote on our 2018 Plant of the Year! 

We will have 5 plants for consideration. Attendees will be asked to vote for their favorite and prizes will be awarded.    Profiles of the 5 plants will be presented.

The first & second candidates are here: Read the profiles 
Viola sororia

Read the profiles

The remaining plants and profiles will be added in a few days. Visit us again. 

We look forward to seeing you there! 

Details & Registration

New in the Photo Gallery:
2 Native Orchids

This summer (2017) we were able to go on many hikes and were able to see many plants that are rare/endangered in NJ. I am hoping to generate a bunch of photo pages over the winter.

We are so fortunate to have the pine barrens right in our state. There are only twenty inland pine barrens left in the entire world.

Here are two Platanthera's from the pine barrens.

 Yellow Fringed Orchid - P. ciliaris               Yellow Crested Orchid - P. cristata
Rose Pogonia Orchid Grass Pink Orchid

Read more about them in our summer photo gallery:
summer photo gallery, Yellow Fringed Orchid, Yellow Crested Orchid.

A walk in the woods:

It was finally a cool autumn day and we wanted to just get out and enjoy the fresh air and the woods even though the flowers are almost all gone. With Hubert there is always something interesting to see. We went to the Sourland Mountain Preserve.

Read more

Find out everything there is to know about the native flora of New Jersey, learn from the experts on native plants, get the latest on interesting activities near you, or join one of the many opportunities to participate in the growing national native plant movement — right here in the Garden State.

The Native Plant Society of New Jersey is a statewide non-profit organization dedicated to the appreciation, protection, and study of the native flora of New Jersey. Founded in 1985, we have hundreds of members across the state, and are organized into county and regional chapters. Our members include gardeners, horticulturists, naturalists, landscape designers, students, and native plant enthusiasts from all walks of life.

We conduct regular lectures and presentations with featured speakers on topics ranging from introduction to native plants, gardening with natives, identification and appreciation of the beautiful flora and ecosystems of New Jersey, ecological landscaping, and much more. Our annual meeting is a must-attend event for anyone involved in the native plant movement in New Jersey. We organize nature walks and garden tours, dispense advice on design and maintenance of native gardens and landscapes, and have helped establish native plant gardens around the state.